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Also known as “changemaker candy” these candies are perfect for just that. These individually wrapped candies are easy to sell at pocket change prices and are ideal to keep at a counter. Entice your customers at checkout with a piece of bite-sized candy at the register. All that change can easily add up! These candies are also great for the classic candy dispensers, an irresistible treat for kids of all ages that will have them begging their parents for a quarter. Keep these in a bowl at a reception desk to greet visitors with a fun treat. Our products come in bulk quantities at affordable prices so you can be sure you are getting the best value.

At Wholesale Candy Shop, we carry a variety of candy at affordable prices. To further your savings, we even offer free shipping on orders over $75. Buy with confidence year round thanks to our summer shipping policy. We guarantee you'll receive your product in and un-melted, perfect condition.