Lollipops & Hard Candy

Wholesale Hard Candy, Suckers, and Lollipops

Here at The Whole Sale Candy Shop we provide you with suckers and hard candies perfect both for retail stores and big events. On this page you'll find a wide selection of hard candy and lollypop suckers at a great price. We offer all of the latest brands of hard candies and suckers, including Charms, Colombina, and Jolly Rancher. These candies are an excellent addition to both small businesses and medium sized grocery chains. They make an excellent suggestive sale product at POS stations, helping to bolster your company's bottom line.

Popular with both kids and their parents, hard candies and lollipop candy are both a great way to bring a stable source of extra revenue to your business. Not only do we have one of the most thorough selections of retail candy on the web, but we also specialize in shipping practices that protect the candies during transits through hot, summery climates. The next time you're in need of hard candy and lollipop candy for your big party or festival, be sure to order through The Whole Sale Candy Shop.