Ferrara Pan

Ferrara Pan Candy

Ferrara Pan Candy is a classic company that manufactures some of the most timeless treats on the market. Their most well-known creation is their popular line Lemonheads and Friends, which features the old standard, Lemonheads, and its several flavorful spin-offs. Appleheads, Cherryheads, and Berry Chewy Lemonheads are now part of the Lemonheads canon, and are just as well-loved today as they always were. Stock up your store or concession stand the smart way by shopping our Lemonheads candy in bulk, or simply indulge in some nostalgia for you and your family with a few choice standards.

Red Hots candy and Boston Baked Beans are also made by the Ferrara Pan candy company, and give an equally delicious nod to old childhood favorites. So if you’re looking for a line of true classics, you’ve found it! Browse our full selection of Ferrara Pan candy today and enjoy great deals and free shipping on orders of $150 and up!