Trolli Brand Worms & Other Silly Gummy Candies

“Eew, worms!” Generations of children have gleefully shrieked as they bit the heads off of gummy worms. The delicious creepy crawlers are a favorite Halloween candy, but children love to snack on gummy candy any time of year. The Trolli brand makes more than just worms; make sure to have bags of Sour Bright Octopus and Trolli Bears available at your shop or kiosk. Here at the Wholesale Candy Shop, we also carry bags of Trolli Strawberry Puffs, perfect for adults who may want the gummy sensation without the silly shapes that kids love.

Trolli Crawlers are bright, sour gummy worms, found in a package with smiling cartoon worms, appealing to children looking for fun candy. The convenient 4.25 oz. packages are easy to carry in a bag or purse, so parents can have have Trolli candy on hand during shopping trips or days at the park. Nothing beats a lazy summer afternoon enjoyed with gummy candy.