Wholesale Warhead, Airheads, Nerds & Other Novelty Candies

The term “novelty” when referring to candy usually means something that’s unique, fun and transitory. If you’re looking to stock up your gift shop or snack bar with novelty candy, our bulk choices are the way to go. Novelty items often come in smaller sample-size boxes, like Airheads candy and Lemonheads. We offer a variety of flavor options of these pocket candies in boxes of 24, 36, 48 units.

Sour Warhead candy, Pixie Sticks and Wonka Fun Dip are popular with adventurous children. You can easily find Warheads sour candy in many forms at the Wholesale Candy Shop, including Sour Spray and single packs of hard candy. With the option to mix-and-match flavors, tiny Nerds candy is another childhood novelty favorite. We have a selection of Chewy Nerds, the classic two-flavor box and Nerds Giant Gumballs to please every novelty candy lover. These types of unique candy are an ideal choice for fundraising ventures because they appeal to many different people.