Farley's & Sathers

Shop Our Huge Selection of Farley’s & Sathers Candies

You will feel like you are lost in a candy store as you peruse our wide selection of candy from Farley's & Sathers. This company has roots as far back as the 1800s. Today, it creates some of the greatest candies and is completing its goal to become the largest non-chocolate candy selling company in the country.

Trolli Candy, Gummy Worms, & Now and Laters

At The Wholesale Candy Shop, you will find a wide selection of fruit candy at great prices. Some of our best-selling Trolli candy includes gummy worms or other chewy products. You can buy bulk gummy bears or smaller bags as well. Besides gummy candy, we also carry Rainblo and Supper Bubble gums and Bobs Soft Mints that melt in your mouth. Another popular choice is called Now and Laters. This candy is a fruit flavored taffy that comes in small squares. The name comes from the fact that the pieces start hard and later become soft and chewy in your mouth.