Willy Wonka

Fun Willy Wonka Candy

Willy Wonka has been around since 1983 and continues to offer some of the most unique, fun, and innovative confections. Owned by Nestle USA Inc., every product includes high quality ingredients. At The Wholesale Candy Shop, we offer a wide variety of Willy Wonka candy at affordable prices. We guarantee that when you shop with us, you will not be disappointed.

Nerds Candy, Gobstopper Balls, Fun Dip, & More

Some of the most popular selections have been kid favorites for generations. Children and adults alike enjoy items like Nerds candy, Gobstopper balls, and Fun Dip. Nerds provide a tangy taste in tiny and crunchy pellets. A modern twist on this item is Nerds rope candy. It is a soft gummy rope with Nerds candy on the outside. It is fun to play and eat at the same time. Gobstoppers are tiny jawbreakers that change color and flavor in the mouth. Fun Dip is a classic that includes a package of flavored sugar with a candy stick. As you lick the stick and dip it into the sugar, you will walk back in time to your childhood.